Why You Need To Download Apple TV Remote App?


apple tv app

Apple Tv remote app allows you to manage or control your Apple Tv from wherever you want. You can connect more than one Apple Tv to your Apple Tv remote application. Users can also connect various Apple Tv remote to their Television screen.

It would be useful to download this application direct from the iTunes app store. Therefore, today we will discuss the steps to download Apple Tv remote via iTunes app store as well as learn to connect Apple Tv and remote in a simpler way.

Download Apple Tv remote app

Step 1 – Download Apple Tv remote application from iTunes app store.

Step 2 – Install the app and wait for few minutes.

Step 3 – Now connect your iOS device with same WiFi network as Apple Tv.

Step 4 – Once it is connected, open the app in your phone and tap on Apple Tv.

Step 5 – Follow the instructions given on the screen. Pair your Model of Apple Tv with your device.

Step 6 – Wait for the four digit code to appear on your Apple Tv screen. Type that four digit code on your iOS device.


Apple Tv remote makes your work easier and simpler with its captive features like navigation menu, play or pause video, fast forward, rewind, control speakers, write the content your want through keyboard provided by Apple Tv remote app and much more.

Apple Tv remote application is one of the est digital remote control for your 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Apple Television. It is working well for most the users. Although, the features are a little hard to digest, it’s going to be easy with regular usage. Do let us know your experience with Apple Tv remote app. Thank you!