Alone During The Holidays? 5 Ways To Stay Happy


apps to make travel entertaining

Enjoying holidays at home without a plan or party can be boring at some point. Whatever the reason maybe, self enjoyment is going to be the most important entertainment this year. So we have got you few streaming services which will allow you to cut the cake in your own style.

There are top 5 ways to enjoy sitting at home alone, hope you like it!


  • NetFlix

netflix app

NetFlix is a pioneer movie streaming application in the virtual market. As compared to other movie applications, we can definitely say that NetFlix has an exciting and intruding movie and tv show list to count upon.

You can watch movies according to your taste, mood or festival. Search for favorite series and stream the entire series one after the another. Doesn’t it sound music to your ears. NetFlix has subscription fees which varies from $9 per to $11 per month depending on the screens you avail it.

On device: Smartphones, computers, Kindle and Tablets


  • ShowBox

showbox app for streaming

ShowBox is yet another movie streaming service which enables you to watch movies, tv shows news, music and trailers for free. There is a whole new stock of content uploaded recently on ShowBox, you can enjoy different movies and tv shows with a regular popcorn and a glass of coke to compliment.

The list of shows uploaded on Show box are: Game of thrones, Supernaturals, Walking dead, The vampire diaries, Friends, Modern family, family guy and many more.

Movies has a greater list to explore: The girl on the train, The christmas carol, The Accountant, Dr. Strange, Gravity, Interstellar, Scrooged etc.

On device: Smartphones, computer, tablet and Amazon Kindle


  • Terrarium Tv

terrarium tv app

Terrarium Tv was launched this year in the virtual market and has gained an amazing popularity in no time. You’ll enjoy famous shows and latest movies on the application without any advertisements and hang ups. The best thing about Terrarium Tv is its reliable links, all the video links are almost from Google drive therefore, you get awesome video quality and lightening fast speed on your phone.

On device: Android smartphones


  • Spotify

sportify app

Spotify is a music streaming service especially designed for smartphones and Tablets. The free version of spotify allows you to listen to music, already prepared list, radio and much more for free. On the contrary, Spotify premium enables you to listen the music in offline mode with no ads and no commitments.

Spotify is designed like a radio where you can easily listen to radio of unlimited, uninterrupted music from different genres, artist, era’s and mood.

On devices: Smartphone and tablets.  


  • Clash Royale

clash royal download

Clash Royale is a whole new world to enter into. Create your own real time clan, fight with enemy clan, win trophies, glory and crown. Clash Royale is one of the best king’s game available now on all your devices. Enjoy it this december on your smartphone and spend  time with an interesting fight.

On device: smartphones, tablets and computer

This festive season enjoy with captivating applications on your phone. No plans for this Christmas, create your own enjoyment and get entertained on your bed without putting your leg down on the floor!